Monday, 25 April 2011

Slow start

Well now that's a sad start to my blog.... lets just say I've been a little, teeny bit preoccupied the past few weeks. I've been preparing for my much delayed exam for nutrition. Yes folks, the time has finally come for me to become registered! Let me tell you it has been hard to revert back to the way you did things in school or do things the way school wants you to. As a few years have passed I have developed my own way of looking at things and working with 'clients'. None the less I am very excited to put this exam behind me and officially move forward as a 'Registered Holistic Nutritionist' and do what I love.
Speaking of what I love - I have found my calling for a hobby - sewing!!! I took a course at 'the workroom' on Queen West, and thanks to the wonderful owner and instructor Karyn, I fell in love. Sewing (re)teaches me patience and allows an outlet for creativity. It is fulfilling and challenging... exactly what my brain needs.

Speaking of challenging, I'm finishing up my last couple of case studies that I have to hand in on Friday so I must must must get back at it.
I'm looking forward to this weekend, getting to celebrate being done my exam and hopefully enjoying a fun night out with my other half and his friends.
Stay positive, be happy and spread some love... it goes a long way.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The boob tube...

I must say the more I watch the tube, the more I understand why our society is unhealthy! The commercials are FULL of misinformation! Marketing, promotions and claims - false false false! Its not to say that its only that 'bad' things are made to seem good for you, everything and everyone has their own take on products, whatever makes it sell. My biggest issue is with FOOD products. People think that if they eat Dempsters white bread they are 'healthy' and getting essential vitamins and minerals because they are 'added' and the commercial says so. Not true... oh the list goes on and on. All products aimed at childen's consumption should not exist - I swear they are some of the WORST products out there... full of refined sugars, chemicals and food so processed it shouldn't be called food anymore.
Back to work, more thoughts on this later....