Sunday, 8 December 2013

It's December already... WTH?!?

So apparently October was a blur, then November was too.... I have no clue what I did for the month of October, November I was birthday party prepping... I don't get where time went! But here we are, December 8th and we are prepping for Christmas, prepping for back to work with daycare trials underway... it's insane!
By January 2nd I have to go back to being an 'adult' ALL DAY, 5 days a week - whaaaaaat?!? I am forced to socialize, be nice to strangers and no more day time naps - BOO!

Don't get me wrong a big part of me wants to go back to work and socialize and get my baby brain working again but I am going to miss my munchkin... being there for every little moment that happens - good and bad. Sometimes I tell myself, 'yup I'm ready, I can handle this' and other times all I can think is 'nooooooooo, my baby!!!' :(


The very very positive side of all of this is that this past year has been amazing... nothing what I expected or had planned. But it was just plain amazing.

My baby girl went from squishy little 8 lb alien look-a-like to a gorgeous, hilarious one year old. Wait, what?!? I have a one year old?!? CRAZY!

Ok, back to being serious... so all the stories you hear about couples having kids and all the cliches that go a long with it are ALL TRUE. Having a baby does NOT make your relationship better - it tests you both to the ends of the earth and back - if you survive it all then YES, it absolutely makes your relationship better and stronger. You learn, you grow, you see each other at your ABSOLUTE worst and your beautiful best.

Every tear, every fight, every sleepless night - its ALL worth it.

I'm proud to say we made it through a really tough year as we have had other challenges on top of having a baby AND live in a 500 square foot bachelor apartment with no separate rooms (other than the bathroom which means there is no where to hide other than if we want to sit on the toilet?!? No thanks!) so if our life was a video game we would have like a million bonus points after getting through this year.

But extra bonus points to you honey, you did it, year one with baby and ME! ;)

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