Tuesday, 11 June 2013


We're only human, I get it, balance is tough. Some people are naturals at it, but some, like myself are not. Its taken me over 6 months to get the hang of being of mom, attempting homemade meals each day, keeping food from rotting in the fridge, keeping our house some what clean and trying to have some fun. Its no easy task. A lot of days it has me stumped. 

On those days I just (try to) remind myself - I am only human, as long as we all eat today, that's all that matters. :)
Especially in today's time there is so much pressure to DO, DO, DO. Do crafts, make homemade meals, blog (ha!), be perfect (thanks Pinterest!) Its not fair! You DO what you can and be proud of it. 

I love that today I got to have a hot unrushed shower, put some laundry on and made myself a smoothie! Yay! Thats it for the day! Everything else is bonus.
Molly just woke up from her nap, so now I move onto her schedule and her plan for the day. I.Love.It. 

Moral of today's post - do what makes YOU happy and don't feel pressured to do what everyone else is doing (unless it makes you happy! Ha!) :) 


Hug someone (just not a stranger, they might call the cops) 

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